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Thank you for visiting us and I'm sure you realize that the internet has become fragmented and we are fast approaching a point where 50% or more of all internet traffic will originate from smartphones.

This is the new Web 3.0. If you are not part of it in a very significant way you are very likely to at best lose ground to your competitors and at worst never be able to catch up.

If you would like to join us in giving away free QR codes and free Virtual Business Cards to your members, customers, prospects, etc. we can help with that.

This can be very lucrative for you! I'll explain it when we talk.

And, just so you know. Not all QR code software generators work the same, in fact some hardly work at all. We've developed our own, and it is solid. As well as, the Virtual Business Card platform. We've put it all together, start to finish, and we did not piecemeal it with junk from the net. We are a technology company, this is what we do.

Our copyrighted landing page explains to even the newest of new what a QR code is and how to use them. And the day will come when everyone will need at least one if not several. If you would like to join us as a partner and have us build for you your own "branded" site just like this one, please fill out the form and I'll get back with you as soon as possible.


Michael T. Glaspie "Mike G"

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You need to know this!

And just so you know you're not dealing with some inexperienced youngster on the internet who thinks they may have a good idea. And with what I want to share with you, I assure you it is not for boastful or self aggrandizement reasons. It is only so you realize that I am in fact the real deal...

To my knowledge, I am the only direct marketer - online or offline (and especially online!) - to ever be profiled at Wikipedia. This is huge, and truly is a statement of my reknown and worldwide notoriety.

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